Think it. We make it.


Starting from an idea, thought or image that is converted into an electronic model, our goal is to construct a project that fully meets the client's requirements and also the aesthetic and functional aspects of the project


The method of constructing each project and the materials used hold a key role in the final outcome. The individual manufacturing steps and the exact way of combining materials are set by the technical expertise of Kiritsis C-Works and the specifications given by the customer.


No matter how impressive a construction is, it does not complete the final result of the project without proper application. The installation of the projects is done by experienced professionals, and wherever it is required, we use a crane vehicle. For more demanding and bulky constructions the company collaborates with a qualified engineer to ensure a proper and safe installation.


The construstions are maintained by our company with special cleaning materials. Besides that,  skilled electricians run a regular electrical maintenance, and renew the electrical equipment according to the specifications of new technology.