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Est. 1994

Our history

It all started with a need for personal expression through materials, which then turned into a professional activity, that of realising ideas.

Initially, we focused on signage, as the first contact point with any brand. Then, we employed advanced technology to broaden our fields of interest and improve the final results. Now, we have integrated customisation:

you think it - we make it.

Our philosophy

We are motivated to deliver the best: in terms of quality, implementation, impact. We research and experiment, constantly improving our processes.

Our quest is for the optimum:

to use the most suitable materials, new technologies and advanced equipment, always aiming for the best possible outcome.


Since 2007, the total productive activity of the company is carried out in our owned facilities of 2000sq.m. at the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki. The company’s fleet consists of a basket crane truck and 3 high capacity trucks. The technical equipment of Kiritsis C-Works includes metal cutting and processing machinery, special paint color mixer, high endurance cutters & engraving and polishing machine for acrylic and plastic materials. The company also has large format digital plotters (5meters and 1,68 meters wide), vinyl cutter and lamination equipment.


Driven by the need for stable quality services, our company has developed and applied since 2005 the Certified Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000, which refers to the commercial and production activity of all its areas of interest: the sign making, the digital printing and the outdoor advertising and decorative structures. The System is designed according to the company’s needs and goals for steadily increasing quality services. Since 2009 the company haw successfully applied the revised Certification System ISO 9001:2008.

Human Resources

The achievement of qualitative and quantitative objectives is the vision and driving force of the entire manpower of the company. The staff consists of experienced and technically qualified associates from different disciplines: graphic designers, vendors, production - and installation craftsmen. The tools offered by the Quality Management System, such as internal audits and corrective and preventive actions, are used to ensure the qualitative operation of the company.